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Java Client for accessing Barbican services

This project wraps code for interacting with OpenStack Barbican for generating, storing or accessing keys in an easy way.


  • A Keystone instance (for instance, inside a Docker container)
  • A Barbican instance (for instance, inside a Docker container)
  • Apache Maven for building project


Note: prior to installation, ensure that maven project OpenStack Java SDK (see prerequisites) is installed.

  1. Clone this repository to an arbitrary location
  2. cd to the project's root directory (where pom.xml is located)
  3. Run mvn install which will build this project
  4. Add the resulting JAR file to your application.
  5. Run mvn test to compile and run tests with a mocked Barbican component

Modifying source code

  • If you wish to modify these source files, run mvn compile from the root directory
  • If you modify testing code, just run mvn test to compile and run unit tests

Using Java Client in your code

Please see the source code documentation for more information about methods and operations.