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This is the README.txt file for sla-dashboard application.

sla-dashboard application is composed by the following directories:
* sladashboard: the app related to the application itself. The settings
    file maybe need to be modified: read below.
* slagui: the sla dashboard GUI project.
* slaclient: this project contains all the code needed to connect to
    SLA Manager REST interface, and the conversion from xml/json to python
* samples: this directory contains sample files to load in the SLA Manager for
* bin: some useful scripts

Software requirements
Python version: 2.7.x

The required python packages are listed in requirements.txt

Installing the requirements inside a virtualenv is recommended.

SLA Manager (java backend) needs to be running in order to use the dashboard.

(to be corrected/completed)

# Install virtualenv
$ pip install virtualenv

# Create virtualenv 
# E.g.: VIRTUALENVS_DIR=~/virtualenvs
$ virtualenv $VIRTUALENVS_DIR/sla-dashboard

# Activate virtualenv
$ . $VIRTUALENVS_DIR/sla-dashboard/bin/activate
$ . $VIRTUALENVS_DIR/sla-dashboard/Scripts/activate

# Change to application dir and install requirements
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

# Create needed tables for sessions, admin, etc
$ ./ syncdb

You must create the superUser in order to manage the users and providers. -->
-You just installed Django's auth system, which means you don't have any superusers defined.
-Would you like to create one now? (yes/no): yes
-Username (leave blank to use 'sla'): <<admin_sla>>
-Email address: xxx
-Password: xxx


* sladashboard/
    - SLA_MANAGER_URL : The URL of the SLA Manager REST interface.
    - DEBUG: Please, set this to FALSE in production

* sladashboard/
    - dashboard root url: the slagui project is accessed by default
        in $server:$port/slagui. Change "slagui" with the desired path.

NOTE: this steps are not suitable in production mode.

# Activate virtualenv
$ . $VIRTUALENVS_DIR/sla-dashboard/bin/activate

# Cd to application dir

# Start server listing in port 8000 (change port as desired)
$ ./ runserver

# Test
curl http://localhost:8000/slagui

Configure the users and roles
The file initial_data.json has created automatically the groups CONSUMER AND PROVIDER when you have executed "./ syncdb"
You only need to create the users and the providers associated to the agreements and to assig the correct role (CONSUME and PROVIDER).
In order to introduce them you have to connect to http://localhost:8000/admin and add the new users (with CONSUME or PROVIDER goups).