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In \src\main\resources you will find cw-ceiloesper.properties where the parameters to configure the module must be set.

In the configuration file we will have the fields to configura the RabbitMQ queues. One is for the adapatation engine and the other one for the ceilometer. Please, refer to those components to see how to configure the queues. queue.ip= queue.port=5672 queue.user=guest queue.password=0penstack queue.exchange=CloudWave queue.routingKey=adaptationengine

Ceilometer queue configuration

ceilometer.ip= ceilometer.port=5672 ceilometer.user=guest ceilometer.password=0penstack ceilometer.exchange=openstack ceilometer.routingKey=notifications.info


Once the component has been properly configured, just make mvn clean install in the root folder. The component will be buit and a .war file will be generated in the target folder. Place this file in the webapps folder from tomcat.